Bulk Bag Lifting Frame

Bulk bags are used extensively in many sectors today. Our bulk bag lifting frames, which we produce for lifting, transporting and stacking these bags, make the intensive labor force easy due to this frame.

Our bulk bag lifting frames enable the material to be transported quickly and unloaded with forklift and crane.

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Bulk bag hooks are used in vehicles such as cranes and forklifts.

  • It provides a balanced lifting of bulk bags from 4 points.
  • It provides safe use with its locked hook system.
  • They are steel construction carrier systems that have been calculated according to the load capacity.
  • Load test is performed on each product and reported.
  • We make special production according to the vehicles you will use and the dimensions of the big bags used.
  • Arm distances and tonnage vary depending on the customer’s request.
  • It provides fast loading and unloading of materials.



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