Sedimentation Tank

Sedimentaion tanks are an important equipments needed in subway and tunnel constructions. Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), known as “giant mole”, digs soil or rock layers in circular movements. These machines, which are capable of drilling all kinds of materials such as hard rocks and sand, can be extracted from large masses of soil or mud with a diameter of 1 meter to 20 meters. The sludge extracted by TBM machines from subway or tunnel excavations is collected in sedimentation tanks. These tanks separate the water in the sludge. Thus, the clean water collected in a part of the tank can be used again in excavation works. This saves water transport costs to the area. In addition, waste is prevented by participating in water recycling.

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• Settling tanks are made of high strength steel or metal alloy materials.
• There are areas where sludge pulp and water are collected in the tank.
• Materials used in tank equipment are resistant to heavy working conditions.
• There are necessary parts for easy transportation of the sedimentation tank.
• It can be painted with industrial paint with different color options on demand.
• It is produced to provide high efficiency with a compact design.
• It reduces operating costs in large and comprehensive tunnel and subway constructions.
• Enables sludge and water recycling



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