Forklift Hook Attachment

The forklift is the most practical and effective tool in the product range for lifting and stacking heavy loads. Forklift hook attachment allows the loads to be lifted and suspended under the forks. It provides full security due to the screw pin.

Lifting hooks have a variety of weight lifting capacities. Hooks with a lifting capacity ranging from 1 to 5 tons can be designed according to the projects. Forklift lifting hooks can be upgraded by adding load-bearing swivel hooks. Swivel hooks allow the lifted load to be turned in the desired direction.

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Bayrakci Metal designs lifting hooks for projects. Our lifting hooks, which are suitable for all forklift forks, are produced in accordance with the legislation. It is delivered with various safety and quality control test certificates.

Lifting hooks can be designed for forklifts of different models used in various fields. The lifting hook can be adjusted to fit anywhere along the length of the forks. The lifting hooks unit is delivered with equipment such as fixing screws and latches.


  • Lifting hooks are made of steel material.
  • It can be easily mounted on the forklift.
  • Provides ease of use.
  • It allows to carry or lift loads of different sizes and weights easily.
  • It is on the fixing screws and security latch.
  • It can be produced in desired dimensions and in accordance with the carrying capacity.
  • Security tests are carried out.

Bayrakcı Metal lifting hook turns forklifts into cranes!



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