About Us

Şantiye Donanım Çözümleri has served prestigious companies in Turkey since its establishment and contributed to the faster, safer and more efficient completion of many projects in different regions of the country.

By producing fast solutions for construction sites with its expert team, it has succeeded in reaching the leading position in its field with the performance it has shown during the implementation process of very large projects that contribute to Turkey’s infrastructure.

It enables you to reach facilitating equipment and field service in all areas that the construction site may need, from the beginning to the end of a construction site.

With its innovative and expert R&D staff, it constantly develops robust equipment and service solutions for construction sites that will reduce time and labor costs, as well as provide benefits in terms of occupational safety.

With its solution-oriented approach, it provides fast delivery with products that will directly affect the safety and efficiency of the construction site, and offers door-to-door solutions with field service when necessary.

Şantiye Donanım Çözümleri includes a service process that starts with exploration and ends with assembly for fast delivery from stock or for site-specific works for products that do not require installation.

Şantiye Donanım Çözümleri is one of the two brands of BAYRAKCI İNŞAAT METAL serving the sector. BAYRAKCI İNŞAAT METAL continues its activities with its CE certified products, strictly adhering to the values ​​of production in accordance with ISO quality standards, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.