Gantry Crane Bucket

The portal crane earthwork bucket is widely used in deep excavated construction sites. Excavations in large construction areas such as underground and tunnel constructions result in large amounts of eartwork material. It is necessary to remove these materials from the excavation area. The portal crane earthwork bucket allows these materials to be evacuated in a short time.

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Features of Bayrakcı Metal Portal Crane Earthwork Bucket

Bayrakçı Metal is one of the leading companies in the production of portal crane earthwork buckets. Our high capacity earthwork buckets can be used compatibly with portal cranes.

The mechanisms we have designed for our earthwork buckets ensure that the excavation materials are evacuated and the buckets are discharged in a short time without the need for human intervention.

The technical features of the portal crane earthwork buckets are as follows;

Portal crane earthwork buckets made of steel and durable sheet materials can be integrated with all kinds of portal cranes and can be used compatibly with them.
They have transport and tilting connection apparatus that are designed in accordance with the systems of cranes.
The carrier traverse beam mounted on earthwork buckets allows safe transport.
Our earthwork buckets are capable of carrying 10 to 13 thousand liters of excavation material. (Between 20-25 tons)
The weight of earthwork buckets is 3.5 to 4.1 ton. (The carrier traverse beam is also included in the weights)
In addition to our standard products, original designs can also be produced optionally. (The dimensions and features of the standard earthwork buckets are given below.)
Standardly, the earthwork bucket is produced with “RAL 5013” navy blue industrial paint. There is also an option that you can have any color among the “RAL” codes on demand.
On the earthwork buckets, there is a stainless metal printed product label describing the features and conditions of use.
What is the Portal Crane Earthwork Bucket?

Portal cranes are large cranes with a high capacity. It is also known as “stiff-legged crane”, “port crane”, “tripod crane”. It is the crane that is moved on rails. The portal cranes operating with various beam systems can rise up to 120 meters. These cranes can carry up to 800 tons of weight and are used for the evacuation of earthwork materials from large construction sites or construction areas.

In order for the portal cranes to carry the eartwork, large earthwork buckets are needed. The earthwork buckets integrated with the crane allow easy loading and unloading of earthwork. Self-discharge feature allows the transfer of the earthwork without the need for intervention. The portal crane excavation buckets with a capacity of carrying earthwork in various weights can have different features according to the equipment used.

It is mainly used for the evacuation of large amounts of earthwork materials from large construction areas such as tunnel, subway, road and canal. The portal crane earthwork buckets save both time and labor force on construction sites.

Bayrakcı Metal; provides construction equipment solutions in accordance with ISO quality standards. In the production of portal crane earthwork bucket options for your excavation works, we have the capacity to respond to your needs in a short time. We provide services for portal crane earthwork bucket demands with designs in accordance with international standards.

You can either choose our standard products, or if you want, we can design portal crane earthwork buckets in sizes that you wish.

Let us provide practical solutions to your needs of the portal crane earthwork bucket in the construction sites. Our offers for the portal crane earthwork bucket options that are suitable for your budget may be helpful! You can also benefit from portal crane earthwork bucket rental or portal crane earthwork bucket for sale.



(Lt.) - (Kg.)
PHFT800031001600210015708000 - 160003000
PHFT10000410016002100157010000 - 200003725
PHFT12000310019502350207012000 - 240003850
PHFT15000410019502350207015000 - 300004650


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