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Earthwork buckets are transport buckets used for activities such as moving earthwork or material out of the area after the works such as excavation and construction in construction sites or in various fields, or bringing them into the construction site or storing them in a suitable area. Equipment in the earthwork bucket is helpful for earthwork loading and unloading operations. Long-lasting, durable and maintenance-free earthwork buckets are produced according to the properties of the materials used

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Features of Bayrakcı Metal Earthwork Buckets

As Bayrakci Metal, we are leading the earthwork bucket demands for earthwork or waste evacuation operations in various industries. We are the leader in the production of buckets which are indispensable for excavation work.

The earthwork buckets that we design and produce include the following features;

Our earthwork buckets can be used in accordance with tower crane.
With the mechanism we design, our earthwork buckets ensure the transport of materials or earthwork without the need for human interference.
It is designed to be emptied or stacked when required.
The earthwork bucket which can topple itself makes evacuation processes easier.
Our earthwork buckets are produced in variable sizes from 1000 liters to 5000 liters. (Between 2 and 10 tons)
The weight of earhwork buckets varies from 230 kg to 1100 kg.
In addition to the tower crane compatible transport, our earthwork buckets provide easy spilling of earthwork thanks to the downthrow connection points in the design.
Standardly, it is produced with “RAL 5013” navy blue industrial paint. There is also an option that you can have any color among the “RAL” codes on demand.
Standard earthwork bucket can be supplied from the inventory. We also have special design earthwork bucket production upon request.
On the earthwork buckets, there is a stainless metal printed product label describing the features and conditions of use.
What is the Earthwork Bucket?

Today, earthwork is one of the most important issues in the construction sector. In construction works in any field, there is absolutely a work related to earthwork. The earthwork bucket is one of the time-saving, saving equipment that facilitates the work of construction companies.

The earthwork buckets are needed for transport of the earthwork that come out at the construction site or to carry earthwork to be used in any area, load earthwork to a vehicle or casting it.

The earthwork buckets can be integrated with tower crane. The self-rolling feature ensures that the earthwork is discharged without interruption. Earthwork buckets are widely used for transport and evacuation of materials such as sand, rubble, stone chips and concrete used for construction and excavation works.

These types of buckets which can be used with tower cranes are produced with the high technology. It enables easy and fast operations by reducing workforce on construction sites. It helps to have practical solutions in the transportation of materials to the places where some vehicles or equipment cannot reach and in the earthwork transfer operations at places out of way.

Earthwork bucket can be produced as standard and or in a special design.

Bayrakcı Metal; provides construction equipment solutions in accordance with ISO quality standards. In the production of earthwork bucket options for your excavation works, we have the capacity to respond to your needs in a short time. We provide services for earthwork bucket demands in accordance with international standards.

You can either choose our standard products, or if you want, we can design 13 m3 earthwork bucket, 15m3 earthwork bucket, 10 m3 earthwork buckets for you.

We will provide practical solutions to your needs of the portal crane earthwork bucket in the construction sites. Our offers for the earthwork bucket options that are suitable for your budget may be helpful! You can also benefit from earthwork bucket rental or earthwork bucket for sale.



(Lt.) - (Kg.)
HFT1000110018208201000 - 2000230
HFT15001200212011301500 - 3000450
HFT30001450262013703000 - 6000730
HFT50001700312016205000 -100001100


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