Drop Bottom Skips

Drop bottom skips; It is a construction site equipment used in construction sites and foundation excavations. These special skips can be used for tunnel or foundation excavations. It is designed to evacuate the excavation and load it directly to the truck with a simple setup There is an opening cover under the drop bottom skips, which is a special type of boat skips. Lids at the bottom of the skips open outwards on both sides.

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• The lower lids are in closed position when the drop bottom skip is hanging on the
• To empty the drop bottom skip, a special platform, stand or silo is needed.
• The covers of the drop bottom skip placed on this table are opened downwards.
• Mud and excavation on the stand can be loaded onto trucks or trucks easily thanks
to the covers opened from below.
• The opening and closing of the covers is achieved by lowering and lifting again by
the drop bottom skips crane.
• Excavation controlled unloading feature ensures equal amount of excavation and
sludge loading on all sides of the truck haulage.
• Drop bottom skips are produced with quality workmanship under the supervision
of expert personnel.
• Metal material can be painted with industrial paint in various color options.
• According to the demands of our customers, standard and special design
alternatives are available for different working conditions.



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