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Loading Platform & Material Landing Platform : In many areas such as building and construction sites, distribution centers and warehouses, various platforms are used for different purposes such as load handling, lifting, material landing. Loading platforms or material handling platform; allows the transfer of loads or materials easily and effortlessly to the desired areas.
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Loading Platform Solutions of Bayrakcı Metal

Bayrakcı Metal offers solutions for material landing platform needs. Requests for a standard construction material receiving platform or construction load platform can be supplied in short time from the products in the inventory.

According to the customer’s demand, material landing platform or material platform can be produced especially in desired dimensions and dimensions. The construction floor loading platform can be completed and installed in the requested area within the requested time.

Our company’s high-quality loading platform supports the efficient performing of works on construction sites.

The Features of Bayrakci Metal Loading Platform

The loading or material handling platforms that are in Bayrakcı Metal’s inventory include the following features;

The construction material platform, which is made of 100 percent steel material, is durable, long-lasting and stainless.
It is produced in a structure suitable for palletized materials such as bricks, plaster, cement etc.
It provides easy and practical installation with tower cranes in a short time.
With an expert team, installation procedures are carried out in accordance with international standards.
The loading platform is delivered and installed on the floor where it will be used in a short time
The necessary safety and quality control procedures are carried out after the installation process.
Loading platforms have adjustable (telescopic) poles; in this way, it provides an opportunity to be adjusted according to variable floor heights.
It is at the same level and at the same height as the floor that it is installed and to be used on.
It is designed not to cause problems such as ramp, elevation and slope.
It provides easy transportation of materials or loads to be used on the floor where it is installed with a pallet truck.
It provides easy transportation of materials or loads to be used on the floor where it is installed with a pallet truck(wheeled carrier).
The loading ramp guard railings are foldable, detachable and removable.
It has a high carrying capacity; it is designed to fit for the transfer of all kinds of materials.
The weights of loading and landing platforms vary between 470 and 1050 kilograms according to their features.
The loading and carrying capacities of the platforms vary between 2000 and 2500 kilograms.
Standardly, it is colored with “RAL5013“ navy blue industrial paint.
Optionally, any color alternative is available from the “RAL” codes.
On the platform, there is a stainless metal printed product label describing the features and conditions of use.
What is the Loading Platform?

With its high load capacity, the load dropping platform which enables the materials to be made available to the workers in a short time allows the materials in the ground to be safely transported to the floors.

This type of portable construction site platform, which is used to transfer the materials carried by the tower cranes quickly and safely, also facilitates the operations needed in the areas in which the loading is to be performed. It also helps to bring the materials to high points in building or construction sites.

The load platforms used in this construction can be adjusted according to the dimensions of the area to be transported or loaded. The protective guards also provide protection against the potential fall of the load or material. Scaffold platform or facade platform used in construction sites are the platforms which can be used to place the loads of tower cranes and carry loads easily to the floors.

Bayrakcı Metal;

It provides construction equipment solutions in accordance with ISO quality standards. We facilitate your company’s business with platforms that meet international standards for your material loading and handling needs.

You can either choose one of our standard products, or if you wish we can design platforms special to you. Let us design platform scaffold, platform scaffold price, dock shape exterior facade platform and Loading Deck Platforms according to your demand. Let us provide practical solutions to your needs of the Loading Platform needs in the construction sites in a short time.





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