Concrete Bucket

In the construction sector, concrete buckets are used in the construction sites at the points where concrete mixer or pump cannot reach. The concrete bucket used as connected to the tower crane allows the transfer of the mortar to the desired area. They are practical products that provide efficiency especially for the construction industry to transfer concrete or mortar.

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Properties of Concrete Bucket Produced by Bayrakci Metal

The concrete bucket standard offered by our company includes all properties that can meet the needs of the construction sites. Our tower crane bucket or the bucket for pouring mortar models have the following properties;

Our concrete bucket products are manufactured from 100 percent welded steel construction material.
We offer four different model options.
Our concrete pouring bucket products are tested in terms of safety and durability.
The covers of our mortar pouring bucket models are designed with easy opening and closing system.
Standard concrete bucket production in our facilities has 500 liters to 1500 liters capacity.
Navy blue colored “RAL5013” productions have the advantage of quick delivery from the inventory.
There is the opportunity of industrial painting or galvanized coating production in “RAL” code.
Our concrete buckets are certified with CE.
Note: Different sizes of mortar buckets can be produced on request!

What is a Concrete Bucket or Mortar Pouring Bucket?

The concrete bucket, also known as concrete mortar transport bucket, mortar transport bucket and concrete boiler, provides concrete pouring between columns and beams. Side and bottom lid concrete bucket models are available. Opening of the lids can be done mechanically or by steering. Options for concrete buckets with or without hoses are available. The concrete bucket hose enables that the mortar is poured as fluid.

Construction sites and businesses with various capacities; It can be widely used with the names such as sand transport bucket, stone chips pouring bucket, stone chips transport bucket and sand boiler.

In the construction sector, it is also known by different names such as self-discharging sand bucket tower crane and the mortar discharge bucket used by the builders. The manufactured tower crane concrete bucket makes it easier for construction companies to work in areas where concrete pumps cannot be used.

For the efficient use of concrete buckets, concrete bucket hose can also be used according to demand in order to ensure that the concrete can reach the desired location in a more controlled way. The concrete bucket hose is standardly 200 mm in diameter and 2 meters in length.

The bucket apparatus that allows the concrete to flow can be easily integrated. In addition, the transport platform can be added as an option for the personnel to provide direction to the hose when using the concrete bucket.

The Address of Concrete Bucket; Bayrakcı Metal

Bayrakcı Metal; provides construction equipment solutions in accordance with ISO quality standards. In the production of concrete bucket options for your construction site, we have the capacity to respond to your needs in a short time. We provide services for concrete bucket demands in accordance with international standards.

You can either choose our standard products, or if you want, we can design special sand poring bucket, tower crane stone chips bucket, concrete bucket with hose, an anvil concrete bucket.

Let us offer practical solutions for your concrete transport bucket needs in construction sites in a short time. You can get concrete bucket service for sale with concrete bucket price options suitable for your budget. If you wish, you can benefit from concrete bucket rental service or buy a second-hand concrete bucket.

You can contact us through the address for custom design demands and concrete bucket in properties that you wish. To contact us, you can give us a call or fill the form given “İletişim” section. You can also fill the order form given below.

To see technical characteristics of concrete bucket and relevant images, you can have a look at the tables given below;

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BK100014201630---one thousand2500250
BKP01 (PLATFORM)--one thousandone thousand1100-15050
BKP01 (PLATFORM)--one thousand1500one thousand-15070


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