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Trapeze Sheet Panel

Trapeze sheet panels offer safe, long-lasting and economical solutions for building and construction sites. The trapeze sheet panel is commonly used to secure the surroundings of the construction sites and to prevent visual pollution. It is a practical and economical coating material that can be used for long distances. It can be produced in various sizes and forms. Trapeze sheet, which is environment-friendly material, can offer decorative solutions in various fields

Features of Bayrakcı Metal Trapeze Sheet 

Bayrakcı Metal is one of the leading companies in the field of trapze sheet. Our company offers trapeze sheet panel solutions in many areas, especially in building and construction sites. 

The features of Bayrakcı Metal trapeze sheet panel are as follows;

  • Our trapeze sheet panels are designed as 2 meters, 2.5 meters and 3 meters high as standard.
  • Within the framework of trapezoidal sheet panel solutions, it is possible to design in special dimensions according to the needs and demands of the construction site.
  • The ideal trapeze sheet panel system for construction sites is produced with a galvanized trapeze sheet panel with 0.5 mm thickness and in 27/200 form.
  • It can be designed in desired thicknesses for projects in building and constructions sites.
  • Trapezoidal sheet metal panels are delivered as colored with industrial paint standardly. We also have different color options on request.
  • Trapeze sheet panel installation can be carried out easily by the construction staff.
  • Thanks to our ready to use panel system, only the panel material can be manufactured and transported upon request.
  • Upon request, it can be installed on site as turn-key, including the assembly.
  • After the installation of trapeze sheet panels, it is possible to assemble a razor-blade or barbed wire fence in the desired length on the surrounding panel.

What is the Trapeze Sheet Panel?

Trapeze sheet is obtained by turning the embossed products into trapeze panel with galvanization.  It is used to secure the environment of construction sites and eliminate visual pollution. It is a sheet material which is also widely used in roof coatings. It can be designed in various sizes according to the length and height of the area to be used.

Trapeze sheet panel material can be used easily on onstruction sites, various facade applications and roofs. It can be easily installed on different facades. It is long lasting, maintenance-free and durable sheet material. Its light weight saves time in both transport and assembly processes, and reduces costs.

The benefits of trapeze sheet panels are as follows;

  • It does not occupy so much space in warehouses.
  • Depending on the customer's request, there are different form and color options.
  • The width and thickness of sheet metal can be produced in accordance with the need.
  • It is long lived and does not require maintenance.
  • It is environment-friendly and it can be recycled.

Trapeze sheet panel is a practical and economical coating material that can be used in building and construction sites, facade and roof coatings, prefabricated and shelter buildings, shopping centers, fuel stations, industrial facilities, car parks, roadsides, sports halls, stadiums, airports, hangars, gardens, estates, and villas. 

Bayrakcı Metal; provides construction equipment solutions in accordance with ISO quality standards. We have the capacity to respond to your various trapeze sheet metal needs in a short time We provide surrounding trapeze sheet panel services according to international standards for your demands.

You can either choose our standard products, or if you want, we can design surrounding trapeze panel in sizes that you wish.

Let us provide practical solutions to your needs of the trapeze sheet panel in the construction sites in a short time. Our offers for the trapeze sheet panel options that are suitable for your budget may be helpful! 

  • You can contact us through the address for custom design demands and trapeze sheet panel in properties that you wish.  To contact us, you can give us a call or fill the form given“İletişim” section
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