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Rubble Tower

Rubble towers are systems that allow the removal of rubble formed after construction or fine work in multi-storey structures and buildings.

Bayrakcı Metal Design Rubble Tower

Bayrakcı Metal; builds rubble tower systems for suppliers and contractors. Bayrakcı Metal , who provides easy use and installation, supplies durable Istanbul rubble tower with designs suitable for buildings.

Features of the rubble towers designed by Bayrakcı Metal are;

  • The rubble tower we produce provides service for each floor independently.
  • It is safe against the risk of accidents during the rubble removal process.
  • It provides advantages in accordance with environmental and occupational safety; for this purpose, it is manufactured in the highest standards.
  • It can be installed easily and quickly by expert team.
  • The bellows, which are applied to steel rubble chutes, are designed in such a way that they can be installed on each floor and height by means of tube tubes.
  • It enables the creation of special casting lines in order to use the construction site more efficiently for the evacuation of the rubble thrown into the construction site.
  • It enables a quick and easy rubble evacuation with special productions.
  • It makes the loading of the waste into the vehicle easier for its removal from the area.

Note: Demands of contractor and supplier companies throughout Turkey can be met!

What is a Rubble Tower, for What Purpose it is Used?

Rubble is a problem in buildings or in construction sites. It is important that this type wastes are safely evacuated and discharged to a suitable location for disposal. The rubble tower allows the evacuation of construction waste or rubble thanks to its functional, fast and practical structure. It is significant to find a quick solution to the problem of rubble and construction waste removal. The rubble accumulated in the environment prevents both the progression of ongoing works and leads to air and visual pollution.

Rubble cast pipe solutions should be used to eliminate this problem as soon as possible. Rubble casting tower; consists of conical tubes which can be attached to each other with the inner and outer connectors. The rubble discharge pipe is one of the main components of the system.

What are the advantages of the Rubble Tower?

Rubble tower provides great advantages in construction sites. It allows the evacuation of wastes formed especially in high buildings in a short time. Systems like korega rubble tower needed in buildings provide great convenience for both workers and companies.

We can list the advantages of the rubble tower as follows;

  • It enables easy installation, practical use.
  • With its design, it is possible to complete process of the removal of rubble and construction waste in a short time.
  • They are ideal solutions for safe and clean waste disposal.
  • With the special bellows system installed on each floor, each floor can be operated independently.
  • It allows rubble casting and evacuation from any height.
  • It is extremely economical compared to other rubble evacuation applications.
  • It helps to save costs in terms of time, money and labor.
  • It can be moved to different structures and used many times.
  • The rubble throwing chute helps to make more efficient use of areas within buildings and construction sites.
  • With appropriate apparatus, the loading of waste into the vehicle can easily be conducted.
  • The even and smooth inner surfaces of the rubble porthole and the pipes used for waste helps the evacuation to be completed in a shorter time.
  • If the system is blocked, the blocked area can opened by moving it up and down.
  • Rubble slides help to speed up waste disposal.

Waste Disposal Chute

It is a system that enables the transfer of waste to the waste accumulation point in high buildings such as hospitals, hotels, and residences. Steel waste chute systems that are installed in such structures ensure clean and fast evacuation of waste. The construction waste chute used in construction sites plays an important role in the transfer of unwanted wastes such as debris and rubble.

In waste chute project processes, we provide you budget-friendly waste chute prices for the waste chute options in dimensions that you share in your request.You can contact with our company for your demand for waste chute Istanbul.

Bayrakcı Metal; provides construction equipment solutions in accordance with ISO quality standards.   Our company, who has the capacity to respond to your various waste chute koruge, waste chute with koruge pipes and construction temporary refuse chute demands in a short time, especially provides rubble tower services with designs in accordance with the international standards.


You can either choose our standard products, or if you want, we can design rubble pipe, sukar waste chute and koruge waste chute in sizes that you wish.  Let us provide practical solutions to your needs for rubble tower in construction sites

You can contact us through the address for custom design demands and tire inflating cages in properties that you wish. To contact us, you can give us a call or fill the form given“İletişim” section.

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