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Human handling baskets are used to transport workers to places or heights that are difficult to reach safely and quickly or to create working areas at high points. The human handling basket is produced in various capacities and models, allowing the personnel to reach the places where they need to work and to work in that area when necessary.

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Bayrakcı Metal Design Human Handling and Working Baskets

Bayrakcı Metal is a leading and expert company in the human and load handling basket industry. It is the leader company in human handling systems with basket used in various sectors, especially in construction sites and building sites.

The human handling platform produced by Bayrakcı Metal includes the following features;

The human handling baskets are produced in accordance with “TS EN 14502-1:2010” standards.
Human handling basket models are produced in the capacity of 1 to 5 people.
Our company’s tower crane human handling basket models are offered for customers with the equipment.
Standardly, every model of working at any height has a protected ceiling option.
Human handling and working baskets have a system that can be used with a crane.
There are doors that open out sideways
It is covered by wire mesh.
A safe guardrail system surrounds inside of the basket, which prevents hand and finger jamming.
The inner floor of the basket is embossed with anti-slip diamond line.
There is a drainage system to prevent water accumulation on the basket floor.
There is a 150 mm high heel plate (toe board) placed on the base of the basket.
The ceiling height of the first aid basket models with roof protection is net 2.15 meters. (TS EN 14502-1 standard is minimum 2 meters.)
Standardly, “RAL 2004” orange color industrial paint is used. There is also an option that you can have any color among the “RAL” codes on demand.
There is a stainless metal printed product label describing the features and conditions of use on human handling basket.
Bayrakcı Metal’s human handling basket standard is as follows;

The optional features of the baskets are as follows;

A special apparatus can be added so that it can lift and stacked with a forklift. Plastic wheels can be attached on the wall side of basket so that the basket does not damage the surface of the structure. Depending on the demand, the basket can be encircled by materials such as cage wire, expanded sheet metal, perforated sheet and plain sheet.

What is the Human Handling and Working Basket?

Human handling and working baskets allow personnel to work in areas which are hard to reach. It creates a working areas in high points. It allows personnel to work safely in the basket. It is also known as “crane basket”.

They are widely used apparatus in construction sites, which provides convenience. It can be used easily in every area and environment where there is a tower crane. It is widely used in maintenance, repair and cleaning works in especially building and construction sites, and also in ports, thermal power plants, shopping malls, factories, high buildings, and skyscrapers.

Human handling baskets, which are designed to ensure personnel work safely and efficiently, can also accommodate a variety of shelf systems. The capacity of personnel carriage and the weights of the people that will work at the basket should be considered before the usage of basket.

Bayrakcı Metal; provides construction equipment solutions in accordance with ISO quality standards. Demand for the human handling basket, and we will fulfill your demand in a short time. Our company, who provides services in accordance with international standards, is one of the leading companies in manufacturing of forklift human handling basket.

You can either choose one of our standard products, or if you wish, we can design a ce certificated basket special for you.



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