Parking Barrier

Parking stoppers are products made of steel materials on which vehicles lean in parking areas. Also known as termination barrier and recline bar. It is used in open and closed parking lots, in places such as building and store entrances.

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Bayrakcı Metal designed vehicle stopper is made of durable material suitable for adverse climatic conditions. According to the demand, production can be made in the desired dimensions. Reflective can be placed on the stopper. It is delivered with flanges, screws and dowels attached to the ground. It can be installed on floors such as asphalt, concrete and parquet.
The vehicle stopper protects the lower parts of the vehicles and ensures that the vehicles are parked properly. Prevents vehicles from overflowing the demarcated area; prevents them from hitting the wall or other vehicles. It allows the use of the areas where the vehicles in the parks move easily.



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