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OSB Panel

What is OSB Panel, Where is it used? Osb panel or water contra is used for the surrounding of construction sites or construction areas. It is an environment-friendly solution against visual and noise pollution. Prevents unauthorized access to construction sites and provides work safety. They are the panels that make up the advertising area besides covering the construction sites. In this way, companies hides the bad view of the construction site as well as hanging advertising posters on the boards that will reach large masses.

Features of Bayrakcı Metal OSB Panel

Bayrakcı Metal provides solutions in a short time for the needs of construction site panels and on wall panels. Our expert team can make the installation of OSB panel on the construction site in a short time.

In this context, the features and standards of the OSB board and water contra products are as follows;

  • The height of the standard surrounding panel and construction site panel is 2.5 meters.
  • Upon request, we can also set up OSB panels in special dimensions according to the needs of the construction site.
  • Apart from the standard OSB panel or water contra panel coating thickness, special thickness coating can be used specially to your project.
  • Installation can be done easily by construction site.
  • On request, OSB coating can be installed on site as turnkey delivery including transportation and installation.
  • Razor wire, barbed wire or wire fence can be mounted on the surrounding panels.

What is OSB and Water Contra?

OSB and water contra are high quality wood materials that have different features as plyboards types. It is used for decorative purposes in construction sector. This type of surrounding panels eliminates visual pollution in the construction sites. It can be used in construction areas, construction sites, industrial zones, parks, gardens, roadside, sites and villas.

OSB is the abbreviation of "Oriented Strand Boards". In other words, it means Directed Wood Parts. It is obtained by pressing wood parts with glue and resin.

Water contra is a plywood type obtained from birch wood. It is regarded as one of the best quality wooden materials in the world. The panels obtained from water contra provide an aesthetic looking interior and exterior decoration.

The benefits of OSB panels and water contra surrounding panels are as follows;

  • It plays an important role in terms of work safety; it also prevents the entrance of unauthorized people to construction site and prevents possible work accidents.
  • Minimizes visual and noise pollution. It creates a symmetrical environment image. It provides partial sound insulation around construction.
  • The OSB panel, which can be easily installed in any area, can have a more aesthetic view with various color options.
  • The OSB panel also creates a large advertising space for businesses. Thanks to these panels, the construction site can be converted into an "open-air advertising space".
  • Thus, companies can reach their own advertisements to large masses. If necessary, this space can be rented to advertisement agencies.
  • It is widely used in building and construction sites.
  • They are environmentally friendly products that are easy to install and use.

Bayrakcı Metal; provides construction site solutions in accordance with ISO quality standards. We have the capacity to respond to various OSB panel demands in a short time. We provide surrounding panel services in accordance with international standards for your demands.

You can either choose our standard products, or if you want, we can design osb panel, construction site panel, safety barriers, construction site gate, noise panels and security barrier in sizes that you wish. 

Let us provide practical solutions to your needs for osb panel needs in construction sites. Our offers for the OSB panel and water contra options that are suitable for your budget may be helpful!   

  • You can contact us through the address for custom design demands and osb panel in properties that you wish. To contact us, you can give us a call or fill the form given“İletişim” section
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