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Loading Platform

These are used to carry the items up to the upper floors, quickly and safely, by means of a tower crane at the construction sites.
  • Suitable for palletised items (bags of cement, bricks, plaster/bags of gypsum, etc.)
  • Made of 100% steel material (long lasting, durable, reusable)
  • Easy and quick assembly by means of a derrick.
  • It can be assembled on the same floor on which it will be used.
  • Suitable for varying floor height, thanks to adjustable (telescopic) posts/pillars.
  • Flush with the floor it will be used (no ramp/slant is created)
  • It allows easy transfer of the material into the floor, by means of a transpallet.
  • Enclosed by foldable/removable guards,
  • Suitable to transfer any material, thanks to its high carriage capacity
  • RAL5013 Dark Blue industrial paint; quick delivery from the stock.
  • Colour alternatives available in RAL codes, optionally

Stainless metal-printed product label, specifying the product specifications and terms of use.

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