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About Us

Şantiye Donanım Solutions serves the most prestigious companies in Turkey, since the day it was founded.  Bayrakcı Construction Metal has contributed to the fast, safe and efficient completion of many projects conducted in different provinces and regions of the country with the solutions it provides.

Bayrakcı Construction Metal, which is a leading company that adopts quality and sustainable development as a principle, has adopted customer satisfaction as its principle.   We produce new solutions by taking into account the changes and developments in city life. In this context, we design products that offer original and practical solutions by combining customer demands with our imagination.

Construction Site Equipment Solutions;


With its expert team in the field, he produces solutions for construction sites.

It contributes to the implementation of large scale projects that have contributed to Turkey's infrastructure and superstructure. 

Due to its contributions to significant projects and high performance, it has become a leader in its field. 

Our products that are sensitive to human and environment have made us get one step ahead in the sector. 

Many leading companies in the industry are among our references.


Şantiye Donanım Solutions;

It can produce and supply all kinds of equipment needed from the beginning of the construction site to the end. 

It provides facilitator equipment that construction sites may need in any field and enables access to service from a single address. 

The solutions produced by the expert and innovative R&D staff save time and labor and reduce the costs.

Our company's construction site products are constantly being improved in terms of safety.

Our products are produced according to national and international standards, by taking into consideration the relevant laws, regulations and regulations.

Our solution-oriented approach helps to reduce the work intensity of construction sites and has a direct impact on operational safety and efficiency.

Our products are delivered on time and in a short time, field service can be provided when necessary, door delivery solutions can be offered. 

The opportunity for fast delivery from stock is provided for standard products that do not require installation. 

In our special works on the construction site, special demands are taken into consideration in the process from the on-site exploration to the assembly.

Şantiye Donanım Solutions; is one of the three brands of BAYRAKCI METAL serving the sector.  Bayrakcı Construction Metal makes production according to quality and safety standards within the framework of continuous improvement studies. We maintain our work by adhering to the principles of customer satisfaction.

Our Vision;


Providing quality and eligible service that prioritizes security,

To provide companies with time and economy savings,

To fulfill the needs, demands and expectations of the customers and to fulfill them at the highest level, 

Satisfaction of our customer, our customers' staff and our employees.


Our mission;

To be the pioneer one step ahead in the sector.

To be the ”best“ by producing "the most qualified " solutions in the field. 

To be always the first choice for construction site solutions. 

To produce new products by researching, developing and improvement of work.

To adhere to laws and related legislation. 

To create environmentally friendly and safe working environments.

To take the right and timely steps with the right projects.

To gain satisfaction of our customers in every work.

To continue our social responsibilities as a beneficial a company to the country and its environment.


Our Quality Policy;













Have been formed around the criteria given above and so on.


Bayrakcı İnşaat Metalwhich is a leader in the sector, has presented its knowledge, experience, and technology to its customers.  The reasons for choosing Bayrakcı İnşaat Metal which has gradually expanded its customer portfolio is increasing day by day. 

Constructing site equipment solutions means Bayrakcı İnşaat Metal

Bayrakcı İnşaat Metal means Constructing site equipment solutions

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